Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy Birthday, Lonnie!

Lonnie turned the big 3-1 on Saturday. He got to pick where he wanted to go for dinner, and he chose one of his favorite restaurants - Sbarro's! Yep, the food court. But we all had fun, especially Ethan, despite the fact that he was a total stinker and would not eat a bite of anything for dinner. Apparently Ethan does not have the taste for Sbarro's like his Daddy. But Ethan was a happy camper once we let him play - imagine that! He got to ride the carousel for the first time and loved it!

5 Little Cousins Jumping on the Bed

A few weeks ago we had a little mishap with Ethan's new big boy bed. Let's just say there were a few too many cousins playing in Ethan's room. The new pieces came in the mail a few days ago, so the men went to work! Uncle Shad was there doing most of the work, but his pictures came out blurry. (sorry Shad!)

Sunday, January 17, 2010


With Christmas, Wii fun, snow fun, and just everyday fun, we've had lots of cousin time lately!

31 weeks

23 Months

    Haven't done this in awhile, so here's an update on what my little man's up to these days:
  • knows all his shapes

  • can count to 10

  • LOVES to work puzzles, and I think he is abnormally good at them

  • loves sports - especially football

  • knows the first half of the alphabet (recognizes them, and can say the name of most of those)
  • is obsessed with his stool - likes to use it to reach light switches, counters, etc.

  • is a total toot when it comes to getting his picture professionally taken

  • can jump with both feet off the ground

  • is a total ham - has the fakest laugh ever and will use it all the time!

  • loves phrases like 'right there,' 'over there,' 'back there'

  • is putting sentences together like 'I shut the door,' 'Shoes, where are you?'

  • has learned to lock the doors

  • can somersault

  • loves Elmo

  • will finally watch movies (actually sitting through more than half of it, especially if it's Elmo)

  • still LOVES to read and has started joining in on some of his most favorite books

  • still LOVES to sing and sings along with us on his favorite songs

  • he's finally acknowledged this baby in my tummy and will point to where baby Eli is and even give my belly kisses

  • VERY picky eater. grrrr...

  • is very ticklish

  • loves to blow kisses and wave

  • knows the name of our street
  • likes to take us by the hand and say "come on" to lead us to another room for no apparent reasons
  • we can trick him into falling asleep by just telling him to close his eyes
  • he LOVES to have his back and belly scratched (has to be on his skin, over a shirt just will not do)
  • can not seem to find his whisper voice - very frustrating at church
  • likes to play Wii with his cousins, but does not like to take turns
  • weighs 30 pounds (I'll have to see how tall he is later)

Sunday, January 3, 2010


It's snowed THREE TIMES in the last two weeks, and we are just now getting Ethan out to play in it. The other two times there wasn't as much snow and it didn't seem worth the effort of bundling Ethan up to go out and play. But there was no excuse this time. We got 2-3 inches and it was beautiful!!!! Ethan LOVED playing in it, especially eating the snow. I had to bribe him with fruit snacks to get him to come back inside at the end!