Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!!

Dying Easter Eggs with the Grubbs and Grandma and Grandpa...

After church on Sunday, before a fabulous roast lunch....

Oh, how I love these boys!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

An Exciting New Adventure

Lonnie and I have been dreaming of building a house for a loooooong time. We've made lists of things we don't like about our current house, and lists of things we want to make sure to include in our 'dream home.' And the time has finally come! We broke ground on Wednesday, April 13. I'll be posting plenty of pictures, I'm sure, of the progress in the next few months. Ethan was happy just to have a pile of dirt to play on. He's easy to please. (If you can't tell, Lonnie and Ethan are standing on top of the pile of dirt)

Wanna See Something Gross????

If you don't, then don't scroll down!!!!

This is what a double ear infection looks like in our household:

Poor Eli woke up like this this morning. And yes, Mother of the Year here, ran to get the camera before cleaning him up. We took him to the doctor, and sure enough, double ear infection and swollen tonsils. Add that to the pink eye he was diagnosed with on Thursday, and he's a full blown mess!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Yet another awesome camping trip!!!! This may have been my favorite so far. The weather was PERFECT!!!! Shorts and T-shirt all weekend, but not too hot. All the older kids are at a perfect age for really playing together, riding bikes together, playing ball together, and just running around being crazy! The younger, non-walking kids loved playing together on blankets, chewing on each other's toys. September seems tooooo far away for the next camping trip! :(

Eli's First Birthday (round two)

With my parents visiting here from Michigan, we were able to get both sides of the family together for Eli's first birthday (a week late). We enjoyed a yummy lasagna dinner together, a little birthday cake, then some present time and playtime! Reason #???? that we're building a new house. We can't fit everyone! Especially with so much family around, we can't really gather very comfortably at our current house. We will in our new house!
This one's funny....everyone's watching Eli's every move!

Present time! The Grubbs got Eli a fun music set, which both boys LOVE! Grandma and Grandpa Lamp got Eli some cute Elmo pajamas and another play outfit. Grandma and Grandpa Willis got Eli a St. Patrick's Day shirt that says Mommy's Little Charmer (love it!) and some new books.

Thanks for a great birthday party, everyone!

Feeding the Ducks

Last Saturday was the most beautiful day we've had in a looooong time, so we took advantage of it! We met Amanda, Peyton, and Myra at the trail for a picnic lunch and bike ride/walk. After making it the 2 miles around the lake (with Peyton literally running almost the whole way), we stopped to feed the ducks, which were surprisingly nice this time. They usually attack you if you come near them with food. It was a blast! (wish I had taken the camera sooner....I forgot until we were almost done)

One Proud Momma

Ethan has gotten SOOOOOO good at writing his name! And so motivated too! He writes it just about anywhere he can. I think it's time to start working on the last name. Luckily, it shouldn't be too hard!