Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Time to Let the Cat out of the Bag...

Whew...secrets are hard. I was not meant to keep big secrets. Sooooooooo......


Oh, it feels good to say that! I'm 8 1/2 weeks along, which puts the due date at March 20. Since we seem to be all about holidays around here, I'm predicting a St. Patrick's day baby. We already have a lot of March birthdays in the family, so I'm hoping the baby won't come on the 3rd (Caden), 14th (Lonnie's dad), or 24th (my 30th birthday!).

We had our first ultrasound on Monday and everything looked great! We could see the little heartbeat flickering, but other than that he pretty much looked like a blob with arm and leg buds. (and yes, I'll always say 'he' unless someone tells me otherwise!) Funny....the ultrasound date came up with March 24 - my birthday! But they almost always keep the original due date, so that won't change.

The proud big brother:

Monday, August 10, 2009


Ethan's vocabulary has just exploded this summer. Although he doesn't say most of his words perfectly, they are soooo stinkin' cute! I want to remember how he said them at 18 months. I was inspired to do this after he started saying a new word yesterday that only I could interpret - "ro ro," which means cereal, of course! So here I go, to the best of my ability...

"ro ro" - cereal
"dir dir" - circle
"dar" - star
"day doo" or "tay too" - thank you
"bee" - book and bear
"Melmo" - Elmo
"may-men" - amen
"aw" - off
"biper" - diaper
"ree" - read
"no" - nose and no
"tur-tull" - turtle (he says it in two, separate, deliberate sounds)
"beep" - which he started saying yesterday when he heard the microwave beep!
"pees!" - please
"rover" - rollover
"daw" - dog
"baw" or "baw-baw" - ball
"die" - outside
"joo!" - shoe
"wa-woo" or "wa-wer" - water
"papa" - grandpa
"buppy!!!" - up (said with the utmost desperation in his voice)
"nana" - banana
"da-der" - cracker
"ni-ni" - night, night
"dak, dak" - quack, quack
"tweet, tweet"

I just loooooove listening to him talk! Still lots of jibberish these days, but he does it in the sweetest voice. I almost don't want him to grow up and learn how to talk correctly!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lots of Randomness

I know, I know! Horrible blogger! Can't believe I've gone over two weeks without posting anything! I've decided that I don't do well with free time. When I have excess amounts of time (such as summer vacation) my motto is "I can do it tomorrow." Well, I say that most days about a lot of things, so needless to say, nothing gets done! But school starts back up soon and I'm sure I'll start getting better about blogging, as I seem to do better under pressure.

So here are some random pictures of what we've been up to lately.

A few weeks ago our town had a little Saturday morning picnic/parade/hoopla. Here we are waiting for the parade:
And loving the toddler-size inflatable!

Our attempt at letting Ethan play in the rain. By the time we got him dressed, it had stopped raining!
Ethan's learned how to push himself on a couple of his bikes now. I can't believe he's big enough to do that!

One of Lonnie's co-workers gave us a bowtie for Ethan. Not sure when he'll get to wear it for real, so for now it will have to match his Razorback shirt!

Randomness after Lonnie got home from work one day:

Keira and Ethan have gotten soooo close this summer! Lots of quality time together:

I was watching Keira a few days ago and her and Ethan were playing nicely in the living room. I stepped out of the room to do something, and when I got back, I saw Keira, but not Ethan. Then I heard his voice behind the couch, and this is what I saw:

So, apparently he can climb behind the couch, but he can't get back out! (and yes, I thought it would be more funny to video this, rather than help him out)