Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mommy and Ethan's Day-O-Fun!

With two kids, it's hard to always give each kid the one-on-one time that they deserve. So Christmas break was a perfect time to do that (since we have to pay for daycare whether we bring them or not!).
So one day over break we took Eli to school and then Ethan and I started our day off right with breakfast at McDonald's (or Old MacDonald's to Ethan). Ethan loooooves their pancakes!
Okay, the next part may not sound like a day-o-fun kind of thing, but it was! Nothing opens around here until 10am, so after McDonald's we went back home and I let Ethan watch Sesame Street while I cleaned for an hour. (Let's be real....we're still trying to put our house back together and he was oblivious- he just thought he got to watch Elmo because it was his special day!)
Once it was 10am, we went to Jump Zone. Oh my! That is the best place ever! The inflatables are pretty big, so I thought Ethan might be intimidated. We started at the Sesame Street toddler inflatable and he thought it was pretty neat.

After a few minutes we decided to venture out to the 'big kid' inflatables. HE LOVED IT!!! He wasn't intimidated at all! He climed up the ladders, went down the slides, and bounced like a crazy kid!

I did have to go on a few with him at the beginning, and then he just wanted to go with me for fun, so we both got a little sweaty together! Next time- short sleeves!
After Jump Zone we went to the Promenade to run two quick errands, then went to Mama Fu's for lunch. He LOVES to eat his mac-and-cheese with chopsticks! His eyes were rather droopy during lunch, so as soon as we were done we headed home for his nap.
It was a great day!!!! I love that little man!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Stop the clock!

As much as I try to make time stand still, it just never seems to happen. As much as I want to freeze time and keep my baby and my little man the age they are now, they try even harder to show me how big they are.
I just want to document the amazing things they are doing right now so I'll never forget them.

I've decided Ethan is a genius. Tonight at dinner he recited the days of the week and months of the year. He can count to 29 (I can't convince him to say 30 instead of twenty-ten). He knows almost every sound that each letter makes. He can orally spell Ethan, Eli, Mom, Dad, Bible, and STOP. And those are just the recent things that I've realized he knows. Add that to the fact that he's known his letters, numbers, colors, and shapes for well over a year, the Pledge of Allegiance, the words to probably a hundred songs.... It's amazing! He's just a little sponge!
We're currently working on writing his name, and at school he's been working on cutting and using a pencil.

Eli is just hysterical. That kid will laugh at ANYTHING! He is just a barrel full of laughs and smiles. He is super fast at crawling now and is cruising all around the house. He'll take a few steps if we hold on to his hands, but he doesn't really like it. He finally got his first tooth yesterday. We started him on table food a few days ago and he LOVES it! He grabs a whole handful and shoves it in his mouth as fast as he can. Hopefully soon he'll learn how to get more in his mouth than on the floor. He still eats my homemade baby food fruits and veggies for breakfast and lunch, but table food for dinner. He finally started babbling a couple of weeks ago and it sounds like he says 'blah blah blah' a lot. He does say mama and dada, but he has no idea that it means Mommy and Daddy. He will sign 'more' when eating. He is an awesome sleeper. Over break he pretty much slept 7pm-7am. I of course have to wake him up earlier than that during the school year, but I was amazed at how long he slept when he was allowed to. Oh, and that kid can pull hair! I may go bald before he becomes a toddler.

We've learned with Ethan that each new stage is just as fun, if not more fun, than the stage before, but it's sad to see each stage go! I sat behind a friend and her newborn at church on Sunday and I miss that tiny little, scrunch up their face, scrunch up their body, snuggly, sleep all day stage.

Sorry for being sappy. I just don't want to forget any of it!