Sunday, August 22, 2010

County Fair

Friday night we hit the county fair. We left Eli with Uncle Dustin so we could give Ethan some much desired undivided attention. (and it's just too stinkin' hot to carry a baby around the fair!)
Ethan had a fabulous time! We went and saw the animals first, then rode some rides. I was pretty convinced that Ethan would refuse to ride any rides by himself, but he really surprised me! We rode the ferris wheel as a family, then he rode two rides all by himself!

Ethan said he wanted to ride a pony, so we paid the five bucks. And this is what we got:
Oh well. We had plenty of fun otherwise!
Lonnie and Ethan hit the demolition derby on Saturday night. I'll be excited when Eli's a little bigger and we can join them; we've had to miss the last two just because it's a little too loud for those tiny eardrums!
Other than that fun this weekend, we've been busy, busy, busy. School started for me on Thursday and I have a GREAT bunch of kids.
We've also been sick, sick, sick. Ethan started it all with an ear infection last week. Then I got a strep-like infection and was completely out of it for 3 full days. Now Eli has a random rash that keeps getting worse. Lonnie will have to take him to the doctor in the morning, as I know they won't let him in daycare looking the way he does!
We're hoping for things to slow down soon!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Baby

I think Eli has got to be the happiest baby in the world. He is nonstop smiles, coos, giggles, and squeals. You just have to look at him and he'll flash you his famous gummy smile. He gets so excited he flails his arms too, and usually slams them down on his belly. He's very ticklish too, and you can get a good belly laugh out of him with just a few tickles. I LOVE IT!