Tuesday, November 29, 2011

House Pictures

HOORAY FOR BEING IN OUR OWN HOUSE AGAIN!!!!! We are so thankful that we were able to stay with Lonnie's parents while we finished building, but boy, is it wonderful to have our own space again!!!

We are by no means done, but we're mostly moved in with the exception of all the boxes in the guest bedroom and the garage. And I haven't done any decoration, so all the walls are bare, but it will take a LONG time to be 100% decorated, so I wait for that to happen to post pictures.

Sooooo, here goes!!

Guest bathroom: (which I've declared a NO KID zone! The boys are NOT allowed to use it so that if you ever come to our house, you can be guaranteed at least one bathroom without pee on the toilet seat or floor)

Breakfast nook and desk are in kitchen:



Dining room, oh how I love it!!!!!

Entry way:

Ethan's room:

Eli's room:

Our bedroom:

Workout room, just off our bedroom:

Master bath, ahhhhh....

Weird picture, but this is huge for us....our last house didn't have a separate room for the toilet, so we LOVE being able to use the bathroom without having to kick out the other person!!!

I'm not ashamed of it....here's our extra bedroom. We wanted all this junk out of the garage so we could actually park in there, so it went in here! Once we get unpacked, this room will pretty much just sit empty until we have another kid (someday).

My laundry room....another favorite part of mine.

The living room. The furniture is actually going up stairs, but we don't get our new stuff until tomorrow, so this stuff is staying here for now. It was SOOOO fun decorating for Christmas, especially since we didn't get to last year.

The boy's bathroom:

Another odd picture....but this is the stairway to go up to the playroom/media room. We figured we'd need to put the baby gate at the bottom so Eli wouldn't go up without us. Well, that didn't happen and Eli went up and down the stairs several times without us knowing it and he had no problems, so now we just let him come and go as he pleases.

Upstairs...the screen isn't pulled down in this picture, but there's a big screen at the end that pulls down so we can watch tv/movies. And apparently lots of football. ;)

Extra half bathroom at the foot of the stairs:

We feel so blessed and thankful to be living in our dream home!


What a wonderful Thanksgiving Break!!! We loved having our first holiday in our new home. We were so blessed to have some of our Indiana family come visit us in Arkansas for the first time since our wedding (7 1/2 years ago!). Thanks for coming Grandpa, Uncle Larry, Aunt Debbie, Michelle, and Pedro!!!!
Since we had company we did some of the more touristy things that we don't usually do since we live here.

We went to the Walmart Visitor Center. Never been there in 8 1/2 years of living here! The boys mostly enjoyed the ride of Sam Walton's truck. :)

After that we went to Crystal Bridges. We didn't have tickets to actually go in, but enjoyed walking around the trails and seeing the construction still going on (that was the boys' favorite part!)

Torturing Eli...

I didn't get any pictures from actual Thanksgiving Dinner, which we had two of! Lunch at the Lamps and dinner with my family. The day after Thanksgiving we had all our company to our house for dinner.

Lonnie and I took one for the team and sat at the 'kiddie' table...

The grown-up table...

Eli was very excited to eat some cheesecake!!!!

GreatPa and Eli having some quality time. Ethan and GreatPa and some great bonding time, too, by GreatPa chasing Ethan dressed as Batman all around the house, but I had misplaced my camera at that point and didn't get a good picture. It was priceless, though!

Trick or Treating

First stop....Grandma and Grandpa Lamp. Yes, we lived there. We drove to the front of the house and walked up the sidewalk anyway!

Next stop, the G-dubs! (Grandma and Grandpa Willis)

Last stop, Trunk or Treat at the church building. We had volunteered to host a trunk, which we realized was not the best idea for us in our stage of life. We were tied to the car and couldn't enjoy trick or treating with the boys. But we had fun anyway!

Crazy Uncle Shad... ahem, Uncle Elvis...