Saturday, April 28, 2012

Gentry Safari

We ventured out to the Gentry Safari today and had a blast!  We took Peyton with us and the Grubbs, minus Rachel (we missed you!).  We enjoyed the petting zoo side first, then went on to the drive through area, and then enjoyed a picnic dinner before heading home.  Eli LOVED it!!! He hadn't been there before and just loved chasing the animals around!  We got a video of him chasing a duck around hollering, "hey!  hey!  hey!"  He just followed it around and around, mostly going in circles.  It was great! 


When we were finishing the house in November, the landscapers put our allotted amount of sod in the back yard.  It didn't quite finish the whole back yard; there was about 10 feet all the way across the back that didn't have sod.  Instead of paying more at the time, we just decided we'd finish it ourselves in the spring.  So here we are... finishing it up!  In hindsight, we should have just paid to have them do it.  It has been tons of work!  The fence line is just a mess and we've been raking, mowing, pulling weeds/roots, etc. to prepare for the sod.  Dustin helped by bringing over the Bobcat earlier this week and clearing out a lot of it.  Thanks Dustin!  The sod will be delivered on Monday, so hopefully we'll get it all laid that night.  10 feet doesn't sound like much, but our lot is pie shaped, so the back fence line is about 320 feet long, which will take 6 pallets of sod.  We'll see if our aging bodies can still handle that much work. 

Here we are prepping for the sod to come...

Sunday, April 22, 2012


I think I've finally figured something out.  If we actually go out and do fun things, then I take pictures.  If I take pictures of fun things, then I actually blog!

We went to the spring scrimmage football game at the University of Arkansas yesterday.  It's free, so you can't beat that!  I don't see us ever taking them to a real game, since tickets are about $50 each, so this is great for them to get a taste of college football.

I let Ethan have the camera...he took a couple dozen random pictures.  Future photographer??


Our Easter card that we made for our Grandmas and Grandpas.

We had lunch after church at my parents house.  Rachel and I dressed alike again!
 How many years until we can get a good family picture????

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Part Three

Thursday night we had my parents and the Grubbs over for dinner, and followed it up with decorating Easter sugar cookies and dying Easter eggs.

(Look at that awesome apron! Lonnie got it for me for my birthday. Love it!)

If you haven't tried the whisk trick for dying eggs with young children, you've got to! It was PERFECT for Eli's clumsy hands and short attention span. Try it!