Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Boys

I can't say enough how much I love seeing my boys play together and becoming best friends. A common phrase around our house is, "Eli's my best friend, Peyton's my best friend! Two best friends!"

This is a normal Sunday morning (or any day the kids wake up while I'm still getting ready in the morning). Eli drinks his milk on the floor of my closet and Ethan hangs out, not wanting to miss anything...
I still can't get over how different they look! We thought for sure Eli would be a mini-Ethan, but not at all!

The favorite hangout spot...Mommy's alarm clock. I've learned to check it every night before I go to bed to be sure it's still set and the sound is the right volume. I actually forgot to check it for the first time on Wednesday night and sure enough, the volume was turned all the way down. Instead of the radio waking Lonnie up at 4:45, I happened to wake up at 5:35 and freaked out! I think Lonnie was only a few minutes late, though. Luckily I'm on Spring Break, because I just can't handle being late, and that would've really messed me up!
Love those boys!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy Birthday, Eli!

Look at this handsome Leprechaun baby!
Although Eli turned one last Thursday, it doesn't seem quite real because we haven't really celebrated yet. We wanted to wait until my parents were here for spring break, so we're doing his official birthday party on Friday.
But we wanted him to eat cake on his actual birthday, so I got him a little cake from Walmart and let him have at it! (the icing was already falling off before he even touched it!)

It took a minute or two, but he finally got the hang of it!

Thanks, Uncle Curt, for the blob of icing on my nose!

And the only present Eli got on his birthday....a present from Aunt Debbie!
His very own towel!

What Eli's up to at one year....
He's not walking, but will stand independently for up to 10 seconds before sitting down (or falling down). His regular crawl has turned into a gangster crawl, with one knee not touching the ground. He's still not talking much. Pretty much mama, dada, baba, nana.
He loves to play with balls; especially likes to throw them and have you throw it back. He likes to put our phones by his ear and pretend to talk. He likes to brush his hair. He still loves bath time. He LOVES to wrestle with Ethan and chase him around the house. He's just started pointing to things in the last week. He loves to hit/whack EVERYTHING; you have to be careful when you're holding something in your hands around him. He is obsessed with the plants, which is driving us CRAZY! He has no idea what the word 'no' means (or he just doesn't care).
Eli has 3 teeth: 2 on bottom, 1 on top. He weighs exactly 20 pounds and is 29 inches tall. He seems pretty tiny to me; he can still fit into 6-9 month clothes with no problem, although does wear some 12 month stuff. He wears size 4 diapers and drinks from a sippy cup. He's still on formula, only because we still have some left. As soon as we run out, we'll switch him to whole milk. He eats table food and seems to really enjoy it. His favorites are lima beans, peas, turkey lunchmeat and bread.

We pretty much call him our little tornado. He is into EVERYTHING! You can't leave his side for a second before he's into something. I'm sure Ethan was the same way, but I don't remember, so it seems like Eli is more destructive.

Eli has been such a blessing in our lives. He keeps us smiling and laughing, especially seeing the two boys interacting together and learning to be friends.
We love our little Leprechaun!