Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to two great dads - my dad, of course, and the father of my boys - Lonnie!

We started our day with presents and pictures before church.
Lonnie's big gift was a book that I made for him using Shutterfly. It was my first attempt and I was soooo proud of it! I wish I had taken more pictures. Lonnie really liked it.

Last year we started the tradition to go to a Natural's baseball game for Father's Day with a group of friends. We had such a fun time! We were able to spend the afternoon/evening with the Thibodeaux, Benders, Grubbs, Dustin and Lexi, and my parents. The Gralls happened to be there too and we were happy they were able to get seats by us!

Ethan was really into the game and Eli loved watching Strike (the Saskwatch -however you spell that).

(YES! Ethan's finally learned to look at the camera and give a fake smile!! Ha! At least he's not turning his head away anymore)

The whole crew:

Love my little family!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Eli at 15 months

Haven't done this in awhile...
Here's what our little man is up to these days...

-Walking all over! He's been walking for a little over a month now. He walks a little funny with his left foot turned in and he leads with his left hip. I had our doctor check him out earlier this week and he says to give it about 1 more month and if he's still doing it, we'll take an x-ray and see what's going on.
-Finally starting to say a few more words. Mama, Dada, ball (bah!), water (wawa! or wawer!), up (puh!), night-night (nigh-nigh), and he's starting making sounds for these words, but I wouldn't begin to know how to record them...Grandma, Grandpa, brother, paci
-He's still such a happy boy - loves to smile, laugh, wave, blow kisses, get tickled
-He's not eating that great anymore, I think mainly due to teething. He hates all pasta and immediately spits it out if you actually manage to get it in his mouth. He loves cereal, applesauce, cantaloupe, watermelon, strawberries, yogurt, cereal bars, crackers, PB&J sandwiches, tacos. He LOVES feeding himself, so anytime he has a taco or a sandwich that he can hold on his own, he goes to town!
-Teething. I'll have to make sure when he wakes up from nap, but I think he has a total of 9 teeth: 4 top front, 3 bottom, 2 molars on top. He's been digging his paci lately because of all his teething. Funny how I took the paci away from Ethan at 10 months, but I really don't care with Eli. I know I won't let him be the 3 year old walking around with his paci in his mouth, so if it makes him feel better while teething, so be it. Funny how you're so much more laid back with the second child!
-Swimming - we go swimming most days of the week, and Eli is off and on with the pool. If it's really hot, he enjoys sitting in his boat and floating/splashing around the pool. If it's not so warm, he doesn't really want to be in the water, so he just wanders around the pool area, picking up rocks from the landscaping areas and throwing them all around.
-Weight: 20 pounds, 6.5 ounces. He's such a scrawny little guy!

We sure do love him!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


We are officially moved out of our old house and living in the basement at Lonnie's parents. Fun times! Unfortunately, we STILL haven't closed on the old house, but hope to either tomorrow or early next week. One thing after another keeps popping up with stuff that didn't get done in order to close. Nothing to do with the buyer, luckily, just hoops to jump through. Frustrating, though, that we could have been living in our own house for 2-3 more weeks.

I didn't really take many pictures when moving, and haven't even taken pictures of our 'new home' but I'll try to do that soon.


Here are the only two good ones I got. Please, don't ever buy a hot tub. Sooooo not worth it when you have to move! (Lonnie would disagree as he used it a lot more than I did.)

Things are progressing very slowly with the construction of the new house. It's quite frustrating to drive by everyday and see very little happening. Not sure what the deal is, but I'd like to have our new home sometime soon!!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mr. Tornado

We've affectionately nicknamed Eli 'Mr. Tornado.' He is pure destruction! You can't look away for a second, or this is what you'll find...

On this occasion, he found a stamp pad and made himself look like Hitler:
Covered in dirt after getting into one of my house plants:

We sure do love him, but boy is he a handfull!!!!