Thursday, October 25, 2007

***Hip Hip Hooray for Four Chambers of the Heart!***

We had our ultrasound this morning and everything was GREAT! Within 30 seconds of being in the room, the tech found the heart and showed us the four chambers of the heart. She explained that the tech that did our previous ultrasound was fresh out of college and had not quite perfected her ultrasounding techniques, to say the least. So we were quickly relieved. We got to spend the next 20 minutes just playing and looking at Baby! She showed us all 10 fingers and all 10 toes, along with plenty of other bones and organs. We even got a really good look at his face, including his eyes, nose, and mouth. We saw him yawn, scratch his head, and wiggle a lot! The most amazing thing to me was how when I felt him kick, I could actually see it on the screen! It was just an amazing feeling.

So needless to say, we got several really good pictures. The BEST ONE OF ALL is the first one. I kid you not...our son is ripped! We got a picture of his bicep muscle. You can see a bump for his shoulder, then a huge bump for his bicep! Lonnie was so proud! (okay, I know you're all saying, that's really not his muscle. But I prefer to believe that he is a muscular boy, not really chunky. I'm actually terrified that we're going to have a humongous baby, after seeing that picture!) Here's a breakdown of all the pictures.

#1 - Baby's bicep
#2 - More proof that it's a boy - butt shot on the bottom right, still not sure what's on the top left
#3 & 4 - Baby's face - profile of his eye, nose, and mouth

#5 - Baby's foot

Thanks for all your prayers!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ultrasound: Take Two

We went for our monthly check up this afternoon. Our doctor went over all the info from the ultrasound from two weeks ago and she said that she couldn't see the four chambers of the heart very clearly, so we're going back next week for a repeat ultrasound. She said it's nothing to worry about, it's just that baby's position made it hard to see the heart well. But that's not going to keep me from worrying!
We're trying to look at the bright least we'll get to get another look at baby! And since we were disappointed with our last ultrasound, maybe this tech will be more friendly and more willing to print pictures for us.
Everything else seemed fine. Next month's visit is the dreaded diabetes test, so I am NOT looking forward to that.

On a completely unrelated's a link to a story from Saginaw, Michigan, just a few minutes from where I grew up! It made the "weird headlines" section in our paper. Ha!

That's all for now...I'll try to post another belly picture sometime soon. It's starting to get big!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Ultrasound Pictures

I'm a few days late, but here they are!
The first one is the traditional 'it's a boy!' shot. He is curled up in a little ball, so all you can see is his head (on the right), and his legs on the left. The two round things towards the left/center are his knee caps, then his ankles are crossed at the far left.
This is pretty much the same shot, only a little clearer. You can see his shins and feet a little better. And that's all! We were a little disappointed we didn't get better pictures. I have a friend that's 3 weeks ahead of me, and she has a whole photo album of all her ultrasound pictures! Oh well...I guess that leaves more to the imagination.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Drumroll please...

It's a...

The ultrasound went well - heartrate was 144; brain, heart, kidneys, etc. looked great! He didn't move around much, but was in a position that didn't allow us to see a whole lot. We basically got to look down at the top of his head, and see his legs, which were crossed at the ankle. His hands were in front of his face most of the time, so we never got to see much of his face. I think he's showing his Willis qualities already - laid back and bashful.

So I guess little Lucy Lamp wasn't meant to be this time...maybe next time around. We're starting to stress a little about a name. We like the idea of an L name, but there aren't many we like. I like Levi, but Lonnie has a cousin named Levi. I've had many people suggest Landon. It's on the 'okay' list for now. Basically we have nothing on the 'good' name list, one on the 'okay' list, and hundreds on the 'never in a million years' list. So, if you have any good suggestions, let me know (just don't be offended if I shoot it down).

We got two pictures from the ultrasound, but I won't get to download them until Sunday. So check back then!