Sunday, October 7, 2012

Apple Cider Days

When Lonnie was a teenager, he and his dad used to make apple cider using an old school cider press.  About a year or two ago, Lonnie was able to buy the same cider press that they used back then and now we are the proud owners of a cider press! 
About two weeks ago, the apple trees at Lonnie's parent's house were finally ready to be picked.  We had a blast picking the apples, climbing the apple trees, and eventually making apple cider.  The boys were SOOOO into the cider making process.  

Washing the apples:

Making the cider:

 Eli loved watching the cider come out.  He kept saying, "It's tuming! It's tuming!"

The next night, new crew:

What great memories we made!  Aunt Deb was still in town from Danny's funeral, so she got to join in the fun.  I'm thankful for Lonnie's memories of making cider with his dad, and that now we can have that tradition with our boys.