Friday, December 28, 2007

32 Weeks

We had our regular check up yesterday and everything went great. Baby's heartrate was 138. I voiced my concerns about baby being too big, but he didn't seem at all concerned about it. My belly measurement was right at 32, so I'm right on target there. He said he'd order an ultrasound at 36 weeks just to be sure, though. I told him NO TEN POUND BABY!

I'm still convinced that I'll end up delivering this baby 2 weeks early, so.....if you do the math, that is SIX WEEKS AWAY! Holy cow. There's so much to do still!

Hope you're all enjoying the holiday season! :)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas

Here are a few pictures from our Christmas celebrations...

We went to the Lonnie's parents house on Christmas Eve for the traditional lasagna dinner and opening of presents.
Now here's what I like about the Lamp family - the men do the work in the kitchen and the women sit down and talk/watch. Shirley taught them well. I guess it has to be that way when you have 3 boys! You better believe that our boy is going to learn how to cook and be helpful in the kitchen! I'm going to make sure of that. :)

Baby Lamp got completely spoiled this Christmas - and he's not even here yet! Look at the stinkin' cute outfit on the left. Dustin and Joanna bought that for baby - I think it'll look great on him for his first trip to church! And the Razorback outfit was compliments of Shad - you can't see it, but there's a football on the booty! The great PJ's were from Lonnie's parents - they are SO soft! I can't wait to snuggle with baby in them!

Christmas morning we woke up and had our very last Christmas as just the two of us. Next year will be very different with a baby crawling around!
After Lonnie and I opened our presents, we went to the Grubbs for presents and breakfast. I'm so thankful that they're so close to us! You just can't beat having family two streets away!

Merry Christmas!!!

For my Mom

My mom and I used to make lemon maringue pies every now and then growing up. I haven't had one in a LONG time, and decided to make one for Christmas at the Lamps. So mom helped me out with the recipe, and it turned out pretty good! I think everyone enjoyed it. Thanks, Mom!

4D Ultrasound

Well, no luck. Baby didn't want to cooperate this morning, so we didn't get any more pictures. His tiny little face was squished up against the uterus (sorry, if that's gross to some people), so we couldn't really see much. His nose was cracking us up, though. Imagine pressing your nose up against a window, and that's what he looked like. Ha!

I guess we'll just have to wait to February to see what his cute little face really looks like.

Painting Progress

Okay, this room is not done by any means, but it's getting closer! And the best news of all - I don't hate it anymore! I actually kind of like it. There's still a lot of decorating I need to do, but I feel SO MUCH better having the paint finished. It makes a big difference!

Shad and Rachel came over on Christmas Eve morning to help us paint (yea for family!!!!). We worked until about lunch, then Lonnie and I finished the rest on Christmas Day. It was exhausting, but worth it!

Here are a few pictures. Like I said, it's not done, but it's coming along!

We had to take a little break while the boys put up the chair rail.
"Here I come! I'm ready to help!"

Thanks to Shad and Rachel for helping out!!!! :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I'm a whole day early! I didn't realize that the ultrasound tech would put all the pictures on CD for us, so that makes it a whole lot easier for putting online.

Here's how the appointment went...

Baby's umbilical cord was in front of his face the whole time, so we didn't get very good pictures. In fact, she didn't even charge us for the visit and we get to go back next week and try again. But we still got pictures, a video of the whole ultrasound, and a CD of all the pictures. Baby was all curled up in a ball - he's very flexible! His feet were hanging out around his head most of the time.

She measured Baby for us, and it was just as I feared - he's a big 'ol Lamp baby! He's measuring 4 pounds and 5 ounces (of course, she says plus or minus a pound), which is equivilent to 32 weeks and 5 days, but I'm only 30 weeks and 4 days. So, Rachel is predicting that I'll probably have the baby early, which I don't want, mainly because that means there's more time at the end of the school year that I'll have to go back for.


We go back for another ultrasound on Dec. 26, and our regular doctor's appointment is on Dec. 27.

In other news, my doctor had her twin girls today! Her husband performed the C-section (can you imagine?). All are well; one of the twins had to go to ICU because she was having breathing difficulties, but she was expected to be out of ICU this evening and into a regular room. Yea! And since she had the babies early, that means it's more likely that she'll be back in time for my delivery (that is, if I don't go too early).

And now, the pictures! They're all face shots, you just have to look carefully to really see it. Like I said, they're not great, but that's okay - it's our baby boy!

Here's the funniest part....when we showed Caden the pictures of Baby, his immediate response was, "Why is he made of wood?"

Ha! That's a perspective I hadn't thought of yet, but it makes sense! Maybe we need to name him Pinocchio Lamp.

Monday, December 17, 2007

30 weeks

So here I am...

just call me Large Marge:

The big day is tomorrow - 4D Ultrasound! I won't be able to post pictures until Wednesday night, since the person that scans in my pictures for me is from school, so she'll have to do it Wednesday at school.

I've been feeling a LOT better lately. The weird thing now is that I can feel body parts poking through my belly. I don't really know how to describe it. Every now and then I'll feel something, and when I touch my belly, it's like I can feel his foot, or elbow, or who knows. It's a crazy feeling.

And a name update...we still have nothing! We're still sick of trying to think of names and would rather just not talk about it. But, we now have 5 friends from church that are also pregnant, so we figure we probably need to secure a name pretty quickly, before all the good names are taken! :)


I'm getting desperate....

I've been trying to decorate the baby room for months now, and can't seem to get anywhere. Every time I go in there, I just get frustrated and walk out. It is so bland!! Hate may be a little strong, but that's currently how I feel about that room. I just can't seem to figure out how to make it look any better. I know the main issue is just paint. So here are my thoughts/options:

  • paint the bottom half chocolate brown; leave the top half the current paint color; put up a chair rail

  • paint the bottom half chocolate brown; paint the top half a darker khaki to match the khaki in the crib set; put up a chair rail

  • paint the bottom half chocolate brown; paint blue circles on the top half of one wall; put up a chair rail

  • leave it the current paint color; paint a couple of brown stripes horizontally around the room (at the chair rail height)

  • try to mimic the bumper of the crib set as a chair rail around the room (blue stripe with brown on top and bottom with circles in the middle) - I like this but have no idea how I'd actually do it

That's about as much as my brain could come up with. Any ideas? I'd like to walk in there and feel happy and excited to bring our baby boy home to it, but that seems to be the last feeling that comes to mind. Help!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Doctor Visit

We went for our regular check-up today, and everything went well, as usual. There's really not anything to report. Baby's heartrate was in the 140's; all my bloodwork came back great after the glucose testing last time; and we go back in three weeks. This was my last time to see my doctor; she'll be having her baby girls sometime soon, and is planning to return on Feb. 1, so let's hope I don't go into labor before that!
I have to brag on my amazing husband. The last week has been a lot harder on my body, and I just haven't been feeling very good. He has taken SUCH good care of me! He's been cooking, cleaning, and waiting on me hand and foot! I know it's gotta be hard on him, but he hasn't complained a single time. He is amazing! I am so thankful to have such a loving, selfless husband. I just hope I get to feeling better soon so he can take a break and I can spoil him for awhile.

Upcoming events....
December 18 - 4D Ultrasound appointment (yea!!!!!)
December 27 - next regular check-up

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


It only took me two weeks....

You guys have probably seen most of these pictures on Rachel's and Nicole's blogs, but I think I got a few different ones.

"Cousin...are you in there? Come out and play!"

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm famous! (okay, not really)

Yesterday was the official National Board Certification Day. They announced to the public all the names of the people who certified from all over the country. You can go to their website and see my name! Yea!

Click on Arkansas, Rogers, and 2007, then hit submit. Ta da! There's my name! :)

A favor to ask...

One of my coworkers has entered an art contest for Kirkland's. She was one of thousands of entries, and now she's in the top ten! If she wins, she gets $5,000 and her picture will be sold in Kirkland's stores all over the country (and she'll also get a portion of each sale). So, here's the favor...go to and follow the link to The Next Great American Artist contest. You can vote one time per email, so use as many email addresses as you know! Once you vote, you get a 10% off coupon for Kirkland's (just in time for Christmas!). Her artwork is called Garden Gate, by Jennifer Reddick. It's the third choice; the only black and white one on there.

Happy voting!
Thanks a bunch!!!